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               Portland Lodge Annual Holiday
      Social and Members Meeting

December 6, 2020
4 to 5 pm

Join us for an hour of fun & games and leave the party with raffle prizes valued at $25 or more.  Members will hold an election for the 2021 officers.

2020 Toy and Food Drive

As in the years past, we will be purchasing gift cards and will share the gifts with the less fortunate Asian families.  The gifts will be distributed through the Asian Health & Service Center


Please send your support toward this project before December 15, 2020.
Make your check out to C.A.C.A. Portland CIF and mail to C.A.C.A. Portland Lodge, 2211 SW 1st Ave., Unit 103, Portland, OR, 97201.  






Honoring and Celebrating the Military Service of
Chinese American World War II Veterans


While the nation is still grappling with COVID-19, we continue to coordinate with the Speaker of the House on identifying an appropriate and safe date to reschedule the highly anticipated 2020 Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony. We are hopeful that a date can be announced as our country develops safe protocols for gatherings.

First, we wanted to highlight “Remembering: The Stories of Chinese American WWII Veterans,” a video that was produced by Anthony Aong, Anthony Chen, and Jason Wang at the University of California, Berkeley.

To view the video, please click on the play button on the graphic above.

Second, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the commemorative items that CAWW2 Veterans Recognition Project has been working on. 

We have created an online program book ads section on our website, which will provide an opportunity for Veterans, their families, and friends to see their ad prior publication. We encourage you to view them on our website.

Maj. General William Chen (U.S. Army, ret.) has curated Unsung Heroes, a publication that recognizes and honors CAWW2 Congressional Gold Medal Recipients. 

Although we are disappointed that we were not able to hold the Ceremony when originally scheduled, we hope these project items will brighten your day. 

Should you wish to place an ad in our forthcoming program click here: 

"UNSUNG HEROES" is the story of Chinese American Veterans and their contributions in World War II and the path toward recognition. Largely forgotten, ignored, and neither recognized nor honored, the story of these Veterans are told through the writings of sons/daughters/grandchildren of Chinese American Veterans for future generations to reflect upon the contributions of our WWII Veterans and to understand, appreciate, and preserve their legacies for the generations to come.  

Compiled by Editor-in-Chief, Maj. General William Chen, (U.S. Army, ret.), the book includes writings from authors in California, Oregon, Colorado, New York, and Massachusetts. Chapters 1 - 5 should be of interest to all, while Chapters 6 & 7 recognize Veterans from New England and Veterans whose next of kin reside in New England. 

Learn more about the book, download the order form here.



  • President- Kittie Kong

  • Vice President- Kent Lee

  • Secretary- Joyce Lew

  • Treasurer- Wisdom Ming

  • National Rep- Stephen Ying

  • Sentinel- Sharry Quan

  • Compliance officers- Franklin Quan

  • Marshal- Gloria Lee

  • Board of Directors- Helen Ying and Betty Jean Lee

Our Mission

"The C.A.C.A. Portland Lodge's mission is three-fold, to develop leadership, serve the community, and promote civil rights."