Dear C.A.C.A Scholarship Committee,



I’m deeply grateful to have won the $4,000 Fred G. Lee Memorial Scholarship. During this process of applying to scholarships, I had no idea that winning this one was going to be so meaningful. As mentioned at the Scholarship Award Zoom call, my grandfather (which was new information that I learned) was a member of the Portland Chapter. Here is the document and photo that we found at the Oregon Historical Society:


My grandfather (Foo Leong) is listed as number 14. 


Additionally, I had not realized that C.A.C.A. was an integral part of my family’s history. Not only did my grandfather, aunts, and brother participate in C.A.C.A., but my mom was the 1987 Fred G. Lee Memorial Scholarship winner as well. For my mom, this scholarship was one of the main reasons why she could pay for college without debt. 


Again, thank you to the scholarship committee. I hope to continue serving the Asian community through college and beyond.


Kind regards,

Grace Healy